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MDA Depurazione Acque Isernia è specializzata in progettazione impianti di depurazione, gestione impianti di depurazione, fitodepurazione. Dispone di laboratorio analisi, sistemi di telecontrollo, tecnologie innovative e personale altamente qualificato.

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Waste-water treatment

In 1989 ALEXA Group integrates its activities in the field of waste-water treatment sector after a market analysis showing the lack, in its region, of companies able to meet the demand for design, construction and management of waste-water treatment plants.

The activity regarding the construction of waste-water treatment plants was later complemented with the design and the direct management of the same (back in the '90s about 90 small and medium-sized waste-water treatment plants were managed by its own staff). This resulted in the acquisition of a know-how in the design, construction, maintenance and management of the urban waste water treatment plants which enabled and enables full compliance with the regulations on the environment, optimization and reduction of direct costs of management, adoption of innovative solutions. ALEXA Group took in this field a respectable role, establishing itself in the activity of both civil and industrial waste-water treatment, being able to acquire works and long-term contracts.

The company is specialized in the coordination of the integrated cycle of water, hygiene and environmental safety through the following activities:

  • design and construction of aqueducts and sewer pipes;
  • design, construction and maintenance of waste-water treatment plants;
  • waste-water treatment of primary water and waste-water, both urban and industrial.

Waste-water treatment plants for urban waste-water

Waste-water treatment plants for industrial waste-water

It has constructed more than 100 waste-water treatment plants and more than 50 pumping stations for waste and drinking water, it performed the O&M of more than 100 sewage plants with different types of treatment ranging from the activated sludge system, the tricking filters, the RBC, to the mixed chemical biological and physical systems

It performed 12 waste-water treatment plants 6 of which are on a multi-year concession, with contracts lasting from 15 up to 30 years, and 36 pumping stations in the service of 110.000 equivalent inhabitants. The plant in Civitavechia (70.000 Ab. Eq.) and the plant in Isernia (34.000 Ab. Eq.) are the most important plants maintenance. From 2001 up to 2009 it performed O&M at Sessano del Molise (Province of Isernia) of the waste-water treatment plant to treat liquid waste coming from outside the settlements and in particular urban solid waste landfill leachates.

Examples of design, construction, management and maintenance of waste-water plants

Custom-made plants

MDA srl is able to provide the customers a "custom-made" plant taking into account the specifications defined and dictated by the same client, with the consideration of chemical-physical characteristics of sewage to be treated, of the spaces available for the construction and of the same available financial budget, always within the limits of the law, offering alternative forms of co-financing for the construction of the works.

Waste water treatment plant - Municipality of Civitavecchia (Province of Rome)

In the design and in the subsequent construction of the building works, particular care and attention is given to the choice of technological solutions for the treatment and the use of materials and equipment that can also provide excellent results in terms of energy savings. The use of remote monitoring systems, of innovative technologies, of control activities directly with their highly skilled staff, as well as the use of the laboratory of the company, offers the public or private customer guaranteed results in time and respectful of the limitations imposed by applicable securities laws.

Remote monitoring systems


The technical and practical skills acquired over the years enabled MDA srl to offer a full service including design, construction, O&M of water treatment plants and liquid waste in different processes treatment, such as:

Anaerobic digestor - Waste water treatment plant of Civitavecchia (Province of Rome)

Extract of the project about the adaptation of the wastewater treatment plant of the town of Bojano (Province of Campobasso) with attached sewer system

  • urban and industrial waste-water treatment and liquid waste;
  • chemical-fisical processes;
  • M.B.R. and S.B.R. systems;
  • deodorization plant;
  • aerobic and anaerobic digestion;
  • phytodepuration;
  • disinfection systems chlorine dioxide and UV-C sterilization;
  • remote alarm systems, remote control and automation;
  • treatment systems compact;
  • filtration and micro filtration systems;
  • Natural Engineering;
  • O&M of plants;
  • studies aimed to the upgrading of the existing plants;
  • environmental engineering services;
  • feasibility studies;
  • instrumental control of treatment processes;
  • monitoring studies of sewerage systems;
  • process studies for energy recovery from RSU;
  • studies for the energetic valorization of sludge;
  • studies for the mitigation of environmental impacts;
  • studies for the recovery of energy and water resources in the field of water treatment.

The company in charge to manage the waste water treatment sector is: MDA srl Headquarter: Zona Industriale - 86090 Pettoranello del Molise (Isernia) Telephone: +39.0865.46191 - Fax: +39.0865.461980 Fiscal Code and VAT: #00928530948 Enrollment at Isernia's Register Companies #00928530948 Partnership's capital € 100.000,00


Progettazione impianti di depurazione - Gestione impianti di depurazione - MDA Depurazione Acque Isernia


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