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Network infrastructure

Since the mid '50s ALEXA Group began its activity in the network infrastructures construction, showing reliability and high quality standards. These last factors will also characterize all the works executed later and will establish the company growth.

In Italy the company is enabled to carry out sewer pipes, aqueducts, oil pipelines, gas pipelines, irrigation and drainage works, as per the general category OG6, individually for an amount of $ 16.289.250,00 (£ 18.592.448,40) and in combination, as member of a permanent consortium, for an amount exceeding $ 118.278.029,00 (£ 90.000.000,00).

During the years the company carried out hundreds of miles of aqueducts and sewer pipes in the service of towns and urban areas. Following are some of the works:

  • Client: Mountain Community of "Sannio" - Town of Frosolone (Province of Isernia) Subject of work: The construction of an aqueduct in the service of the urban center of Frosolone and the "Fresilia" production center Amount of works: $ 1.901.718,42 (£ 1.446.080,00) Works: Construction of the aqueduct in the service of the Fresilia production center and some hamlets of the town of Frosolone (Province of Isernia) is to carry about 30 km of aqueduct with cast iron pipes (DN 100, 150, 200) and polyethylene (DN 25, 32, 40, 50) and the construction of 5 tanks and minor works Year: 1985
  • Client: Town hall of Isernia Subject of work: Expansion of water intake structures and facilities of transport and accumulation in the service of the area of Isernia - PS 29/291 Amount of works: $ 2.424.083,40 (£ 1.843.290,00) Works: Construction of about 3 km of aqueduct joint cust iron and steel (DN 500), a tank and other minor works Year: 1993
  • Client: The Presidency of the Council of Ministers - Deputy Commissioner for overcoming socio-economic and environmental emergency in the basin of the river Sarno - Napoli Subject of work: Completion of the internal sewerage network of the Cava de' Tirreni town hall (Province of Salerno) Amount of works: $ 6.815.795,00 (£ 5.184.611,71) Works: Renewal and completion of the drainage network in the service of north - west area through the renovation of the existing sewer pipes with PVC pipe (DN 300, 400, 500, 600) for about 2 km and the construction of new trunk sewer with ceramic tile (DN 500, 600) for about 1 km to be carried out with the innovative technique of "microtunnelling", including its relative connection works to the surfed collector Year: in progress

    "Microtunnelling" construction detail with front shield to the cutterhead

  • Client: Town of Scapoli (Province of Isernia) - Office of the Implementing body at Campobasso Subject of work: Improvement of water supplied to towns and sewerage - 1° intervention Amount of works: $ 816.091,20 (£ 620.781,40) Works: Construction of about 10 km of cust iron aqueducts jointed (DN 80, 100) and other minor works Year: 1996
  • Client: Town of Cerro al Volturno (Province of Isernia) Subject of work: LWorks of renovation and expansion of the works of water intake structures of Fonte Acquara and facilities of transport and accumulation in the service of the Municipality of Cerro al Volturno Amount of works: $ 1.580.200,00 (£ Works: Constructing of about 20 km of aqueduct in cust jointed PVC (DN da 75 a 150) and other minor works Year: 1992
  • Client: Company Acquedotto del Fiora S.p.A - Town of Grosseto Subject of work: Maintenance of networks, plants and infrastructures of the Acquedotto del Fiora S.p.A. used for the management of SII in the ATO n. 6 for the following Municipalities: Casole d'Elsa; Castellina in Chianti; Chiusdino; Colle di Val d'Elsa; Gaiole in Chianti; Monteriggioni; Monticiano; Radda in Chianti; Sovicille; Castiglione della Pescaia; Civitella Paganico; Follonica; Gavorrano; Massa Marittima; Monterotondo Marittimo; Montieri; Roccastrada Amount of works: $ 1.971.300,00 (£ 1.500.000,00) Year: 2009
  • Client: ACEA S.p.A. - City of Rome Subject of work: Maintenance, expansion, integration and upgrading of centers of water, springs, aqueducts and sewers in the towns that form part of the optimal Central Lazio n. 2 (Rome), with prevalence in the municipalities of: Northern Area: Capena, Castelnuovo di Porto, Civitella S.Paolo, Fiano Romano, Filacciano, Formello, Mentana, Monterotondo, Morlupo, Nazzano, Ponzano Romano, Riano, Rignano Flaminio, Sacrofano, Sant'Oreste, Torrita Tiberina Western Area: Fiumicino, Anguillara Sabazia, Allumiere, Bracciano, Canale Monterano, Cerveteri, Civitavecchia, Ladispoli, Manziana, O. Romano, Santa Marinella, Tolfa, Trevignano Romano, Vejano Amount of works: $ 2.629.240,30 (£ 2.000.000,00) Year: 2009
  • Client: Office of the Subject Actuator - Campobasso Subject of work: Realizzazione collettore fognario, di collegamento al depuratore di San Giuliano di Puglia (CB) Amount of works: $ 5.229.161,00 (£ 4.000.000,00) Works: Construction of about 5 km of sewer DN 500 in polyethylene and other minor works Year: 2008


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