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Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is considered a milestone for the energy policies of the near future.

The strategy to make a 20% reduction of the climate-changing emissions by 2020 (Directive 2009/28/CE) calls for the reduction of 20% in consumption of primary sources than the expected trends by increasing efficiency and climate-changing gases emissions as well as the 20% increase of the share of renewable sources in the coverage of final consumptions (electrical, heat and transport uses).

The general objective arising in the medium term is to advantage a series of significant actions to improve energy efficiency in all daily activities. From the conscious and rational use of raw materials to a progressive reduction of obsolete industrial plants. From the construction of low energy consumption homes and buildings to the structural adjustment of existing improvements and upgrades allowing to limit wastes and reduce consumptions.

In the sector of the "Energy services" the company is able to offer a vast range of services, such as:

  • energy audits of the building-plant system;
  • elaboration of feasibility studies with technical-economic analysis and choice of the most appropriate solution;
  • planing of interventions;
  • design of works;
  • energy consumption works;
  • planned and extraordinary maintenance of plants in order to guarantee the maximum efficiency;
  • monitoring of plants and check of the performance and achievements.

As ESCO the company is able to supply:

  • design, execution and management of photovoltaic plants and other renewable sources ;
  • consultancy and management of plants in "energy count" (italian incentives);
  • design and Build of regulatory compliance adjustment works and technological upgrading of buidings;
  • consultancy in the energy conumption field;
  • activation and managemnt of EEC (Energy Efficency Certificate) and of CSRE (Certification System for Renewable Energy);
  • assistance to the Public Authority for the plan and devopment program and work of efficency energy and reduction consumption and CO2 emissions, developing renewable energy sources.

ALEXA Group has entered into contracts with the Consortium for Industrial Development of Isernia - Venafro and the Municipality of Rionero Sannitico having as object: Energy Service including all research, design, realization and management of interventions applicable to buildings and public facilities and their associated utilities, designed to achieve energy saving and environmental protection also through the construction of plants for the production of energy from alternative and/or renewable sources.



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