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Certifications and Company policies

The quality of the works, environment protection, reduction of energy wastes, the health and employees safety are objectives pursued by the ALEXA Group. Nowadays, in relation to the growing importance these instances are taking also in the business and industrial world, the company Management deems necessary a Quality, Environment, Safety and Energy Policy that acts as a guide and reference point for all the personnel as well as for all the sectors where the Group operates.

Download Certificazione EMAS in formato PDF - 697 kB

ALEXA Group is among the first companies in the construction field in terms of respect for nature and ecology, as testifies our Environmental Statement that can be downloaded here.

We believe that the certifications obtained have been a very important achievement for us and for our personnel, too. For this reason we continue on the path of sustainability and commitment towards the territory, by adhering also to EMAS Regulations.

The quality certifications achieved by the Group are set as follows:

With reference to the infrastructure, it is important to emphasize the fact that the company gained the Certification for the qualification of Public Works.

With the aim to improve its efforts in the quality of products and services, in the protection of the environment, impact energy, in preventing pollution and ensuring the health and safety of workers, ALEXA Group is committed to operate in line with the following principles:

  • full compliance with the existing European, national and local Legislation;
  • identification, for each activity, of significant environmental aspects to prevent and minimize the impacts on environment and reduce the potential sources of pollution;
  • implementation of a Safety and Health Work management system in order to reduce or minimize the risks for its employees and stakeholders who can be exposed to Safety and Health Works risks associated with their activities;
  • implementation of an environmental management system with the aim to eliminate, reduce or keep under control the potential negative environmental risks of its activities, products and services; respect of the applicable legal requirements and any other possible prescription the company subscribes; keep on improving its environmental performance;
  • supervision of product quality, environmental respect as well as guarantee of safety and health of workers in all sectors and working environments. This commitment is also extended to all workers of the trustee companies and subcontractors operating in the sites;
  • use of processes, technologies and materials allowing the reduction of natural resources and involving the less possible impact on the quality, environment and safety of workers;
  • measurement and analysis of the injury rates for employees and for those belonging to trustee companies and subcontractors with the aim of a continuous reduction of industrial accidents;
  • encouraging in the research and development of new processes in line with the objectives of environmental improvement and ecosystems restoration
  • limiting the production of wastes through their re-use, where possible;
  • use of authorized firms specializing in the collection and disposal of wastes;
  • minimizing the possibilities of accidental spillage or leakage of hazardous substances on the ground;
  • restoration of the site areas at completion of the works, in order to restore the area as close as possible to the initial conditions;
  • involvement and motivation of the whole staff, through information and training activities on issues regarding the quality management, safety on the sites and environmental aspects;
  • involvement of suppliers, trustee companies and subcontractors in sharing its policy and objectives set therein;
  • perform of audits, inspections as well as periodic internal audits to verify the correct application of the Qas integrated system, with the aim to prevent non-compliance situations;
  • elaboration and development of environmental and safety emergency plans, containing measures and procedures necessary to prevent accidental or emergency situations as well as to contain its effects;
  • discussion and open dialogue with all the social realities involved in their production processes - citizens, customers, authorities, associations - to compare and make available their knowledge and experiences;
  • writing of the annual Environmental Report, as the main tool of communication and information regarding the environmental policies towards its stakeholders;
  • structuring of the quality, environment, energy and corporate security system, in accordance with the following regulations: UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 – ISO 14001:2004 – UNI CEI EN 50001:2011 - OHSAS 18001:2007.

The above mentioned principles are expressed by the Company Management in measurable objectives and aims regularly reviewed and monitored. These objectives aim at improving the products and services offered as well as the reduction of environmental impacts and consumptions of natural resources.

The Management undertakes to review periodically, through a constant dialogue both with the employees and stakeholders, the validity and adequacy of this document with the aim to keep it close to the company spirit.



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