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About us

ALEXA Group headquarters

Founded in the mid '50s of the last century, the company now is stretched out over the future, even if firmly set up on a tradition of professionalism and extreme reliability. Alexa Nowadays it is committed in the following sectors:

  • Construction Infrastructure;
  • Waste Water Treatment;
  • Real Estate;
  • Energy: Photovoltaic - Efficiency energy.

Seemingly heterogeneous, the various sectors are united by some elements connected by a leitmotiv. In all the Group activities coexist different concepts concerning:

  • Eco-sustainability;
  • Efficiency;
  • Well-being.

Tradition and modernity coexist in the DNA of a Company that bases on an acknowledged professionalism and a reliability that confer it the leadership on the market.


The direct and indirect employees in the activities of ALEXA Group amount to nearly 150 units, divided in the following companies:

  • Alexa srl;
  • Melfi srl;
  • S.T.M. srl;
  • Immobiliari Edifica srl;
  • MDA srl;
  • GEIM srl;
  • LP srl.


ALEXA Group is a member of trade associations and social utility Associations such as:

  • API-ACEM (Association of Molise's Builders);
  • ASCOS - Onlus (Association of Cooperative Development).

The Headquarters

The company headquarters is located at one of the most important high quality residential complex that received prestigious national and international architectural awards and has been advertised on different architectural magazines. In particular, it received the coveted and prestigious award by the "Accademia di San Luca" ¹. In addition, the project of the headquarters was the winner among more than 200 projects submitted and evaluated by the committee composed by high profile academics, such as Architects Purini and Portoghesi and Professor Ciucci.

(1) The Accademia Nazionale di San Luca aims to promote the arts and architecture, to honor the merit of artists and scholars, and to work towards the development and promotion of Italian art and architecture. The academic body is divided into the three classes of painting, sculpture and architecture and consists of a total of ninety National Academics, Academics Foreign thirty, thirty six Academics Cultori, Twenty-four Academic Meritorious.



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