ALEXA Group was established in the '50s when it operates in the construction sector and gradually consolidates expanding its activities towards new and growing areas. Tradition, modernity and innovation coexist in the DNA of a Company that bases its roots on a unanimously recognized professionalism and a reliability that confers it the market leadership.


  • Photovoltaic In recent years ALEXA Group has turned its attention to the energy market and in particular     to the renewable energies in the Photovoltaic sector. The know-how acquired in the energy sector has eased the decision to invest in the Photovoltaic field, establishing a division that looks at the market with the Melfisolare brand.

  • Real estate The Company has developed and currently has in the planning stage and/or under construction more than 500 private and public housing. The residential buildings are distinguished by the notable architectural quality, sophisticated design, the quality of finishing and the high environmental sustainability related to the search for the maximum energy efficiency possible.

  • Tourism ALEXA Group has turned its attention towards the field of tourism, leisure and wellness since few years. The services offered in this area complete a wide range of opportunities that perfectly aligns with the company philosophy which is based, among other things, on the concepts of design, respect for the environment and lifestyle.

  • Infrastructure In the mid '50s the company started its activities in the secondary infrastructure construction field. During the years important public works and buildings such as stadiums, sports centers, tourist centers, educational centers, public and private offices, treatment plants, industrial and civil buildings, aqueducts, gas pipelines, gas, water and sewer networks have been built.

  • Waste-water treatment The Company is specialized in the coordination   of integrated water cycle, hygiene and environmental safety through the following activities: design and construction of aqueducts and sewer pipes; design, construction and maintenance of wastewater treatment plants; treatment of primary water and wastewater, both civil and industrial.

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